Patriotic Apparel and Gear That Will Trigger Your Local Liberals

About Our Family Business

Oh hey! We are a family and veteran owned business based out of Eugene, Oregon. We love making patriotic apparel and gear that is bold, offensive, and makes liberals cry. FREE SPEECH YA’LL. 

Our Company

The concept of Magnolia and Pearl really started back in 2018. Initially it was intended to ONLY be a store that designed and made journals, notebooks, and planners. However, 2020 and COVID hit and we began getting requests from friends and family for patriotic gear like t-shirts, phone cases, and more. While we very much still design planners and notebooks, we are thrilled to be able to offer patriotic apparel and gear in a time our country needs it the most. 

Why make patriotic apparel and gear, and why not care it's offensive?

That’s easy. We (owners) grew up in hippy, liberal saturated Eugene, Oregon. From birth until now we have seen first hand the collateral of the lefts ideologies and policies. We grew up watching the head of the Antiracists bombing local car lots, violently rioting if the city even thought of cutting down a tree, and our first responders being told way back in the 90’s that no public land/buildings could have Christmas decorations up. This meant Beth’s father, a firefighter of 30 years, couldn’t celebrate Christ’s birth in the firehouse on Christmas day. 

In college, at the University of Oregon and right after 9/11, we were in class working hard to be productive members of society while free-loading pot smokers were protesting something that pissed them off with a drumming circle and way too much weed. Protests like this disrupted our classes, studying, and wreaked havoc on the campus. 

We know, deeply, where these far left ideologies stem from and what it produces- and it absolutely disgusts us. 

After Levi’s service with the 82nd Airborne division of the Army, it took us ten years and 2 family deaths to even want to move back to the land of the left. When we finally arrived back home to be closer to family, we were shocked to see homeless camps, needles all over the ground EVERYWHERE, and our governing officials still listening to these whacked out Antifa drug addicts. 

So we’re over being PC and polite and our patriotic apparel shows it. Done. We LOVE our country, constitution, Trump, Guns, Free Speech, and we abhor anyone or anything that tries to tread on any of that. 

Our Team

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