God Spoke dream

God Spoke In a Dream

I had a dream last night where God spoke to me. This has happened a few times in my life and each time, the dream ended up happening in real life. And each dream, I was sure it was from God and would tell people, and of course get lots of eye rolls. But so far, the dreams I have where God speaks to me end up happening so I’ve learned to listen, trust, and be obedient.

Wait- God Speaks in Dreams Still?

For me, He sure does. And I know it sounds crazy but it’s happened a handful of times in my life like this, and each time what God said would happen- happened. So I tend to listen when God speaks to me in dreams.

My Dream About You, Mormon Brother

God Spoke dream

In my dream the kids, my husband and I, and Mom and step-dad all lived up in the hills where we grew up. Not in our actual house, but an old friend’s house. In that house, a fire broke out, and it was spreading really fast.

To make sure I could get everyone out, I grabbed a white “calendar” (in real life I have something like this) to look at a list of people to save from the fire. As I looked at it, God spoke and said, “white as snow.” In my dream, I knew this was God, and I looked at the white as snow calendar to see a list of names God had written down.

Step Dad
Brothers wife

I systematically and frantically searched for my kids and husband and got them outside as the fire spread. It was hot and scary.

Then, I got Mom and step dad out- just in time.

Then, ran back to the white-as-snow list and to my surprise, saw my brother and his wife’s name. I couldn’t believe it. They are getting saved from the fire? Is this true? I have to find them!

But my brother wasn’t in the house with the rest of us so I felt helpless- looking and looking for him in the house wanting so bad to save him. I was starting to get burned.

Finally. I ran out of the house before it was too late and gathered everyone (husband, kids, Mom, step-dad) to wait for the fire department.

Before I knew it, my brother and his wife pulled up in their big fancy camping trailer. I ran inside, fell to the ground from relief, started hugging his legs, and wept from relief.

He’s here. He’s safe. He’s not in the fire.

I was exhausted from searching for him to protect him. I couldn’t even stand so I just hugged his legs and cried. I was so happy.

Dream Interpretation

I’m confident this dream was God telling me that my Mormon brother will be saved from the fiery pits of hell, and we will be reunited again, brother and sister.

I think the reason it was in our old neighborhood is that that past, that hurt and sorrow went up in flames and didn’t matter anymore.

God has delivered Mom and Step-Dad from the fire, my family, and him and his wife too.

And I think he wasn’t in the house because God wanted to remind me that He’s got him. It’s not my responsibility to save my brother. But I will see him white as snow in heaven.

And what a joyous day that will be!

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