Company Values

We believe in kindness, love, and truth. We believe in Jesus. We are proud to be American. And we love YOU. Wherever you are at in life. We believe your life has purpose, meaning, and that it matters GREATLY. We believe in hugs. We value differing views than our own because life would be so boring if we all thought alike. We believe in humans being human- imperfect, flawed, sometimes incredibly messed up, but at the same time- so freaking beautiful. We believe that you- yes you- belong. And are wanted. We believe in being a safe place for anyone at any time. We believe in withholding judgement and instead- coming alongside you in the journey. To just be there. A presence. No words needed.

We believe in nachos. Watching the sunset on your patio. We believe in grace- for ourselves as we make mistakes all the freaking time, and for others who also happen to be human. We believe in joy and that even in darkness or cloudy times, you can have joy. We believe in bubbly wine. Craft beer. Friends. Family. Kids. BBQ’s. America. Popsicles. The ice-cream truck person.

Kitty cat cuddles.

Dog ears- they’re so soft.

The lines you make when you vacuum (oooomerrrgursh)


The smell of new notebooks.


Laughing so hard you can’t breathe.

The ocean.




And that absolutely every Subaru wagon driver is the worst driver in the world. Until we see yet, another one.  We think there needs to be  study on this. We’ve tried tallying up data but it’s dangerous and hard when you’re driving sooo…