About me

Writing has long been a passion of mine, so this blog is an outlet for that need. If my writings can help one person not feel alone, it’s worth it. Know you are loved- and seen. 

The story of

Magnolia Pearl

Lover of life, thinking, writing, and laughing. 

I’m not out to become the next influencer or famous blogger. I don’t claim to have anything figured out. But I do care. I care about you. I care about children. I care about marriage, society, animals, and the world we leave behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s cover a few things. 

Absolutely NOT. There is no way I could write freely about the things I do if I used my real identity. 

I talk about a lot of personal stuff that involves family and friends that I love very much.

Most of the things I talk about are form the past, and as a family we have healed and grown- I have no intention of outing them publically or bringing shame to them simply because they’re human. 

Using an alias also keeps me humble because there’s nothing I can gain from this blog. 

Funny story. I have this thing where I like to start businesses completely randomly with no plan of action. Eventually, they flop when I get bored and move on. This website WAS a buinsess, named Magnolia AND Pearl- and it WAS going to sell paper products like journals. However, that was too muhc work (I do have a 9-5 job and kids to raise) so I just used the URL and business name since I already had it. 

As of writing this, no. However, I do plan on adding in affiliate links. When I do, I will make sure it’s clear the link is sponsored. 

Maybe. If you have story and would like to be featured on my blog, I’m open to it. Find the form in the footer and reach out to me or email me at: mag@magnoliaandpearl.com

My Life

My parents divorced.

Dad marries wife # 2. She will be affectionately known as wife #2.

Mom marries husband #2. He will be known as husband #2.

Dad divorces wife #2

Mom divorces husband #2

Mom starts dating who would become my Step-Dad (going on 30 years now). 

Dad marries wife #3. She has two kids, one a son who sexually, physically, and emotionally abused me throughout the duration of this marriage. 

Mom marries husband #3, my step-dad of 30 years (and going strong). 

Dad divorces wife #3

Bullied in middle school

Dad marries wife #4

Brother converts to Mormonism 


Find Jesus and meet my now husband (awwwwww). 


Brother leaves for his Mormon mission

Dad divorces wife #4

I am diagnosed with Graves Disease 

Dad marries wife #5

I marry my high-school sweetheart and move to NC the as he’s serving our country with the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army. 

We have our first son, three weeks later my husband deploys to Iraq.

I move home to Oregon to be with my parents and have help.

They then move to ND so I follow. 

I move back to NC to prepare for my husband to come home.

Husband comes home, we move to California.

Recession hits, and nobody is hiring in California. 

We move to ND.

We welcome our second son to earth. 

Buy our first home.

Brother-in-law commits suicide 

Dad marries wife #6

Sell our house, move back home to Oregon to be near family

Buy our second home

Take in our nephew whose father passed away 

Raising three teenagers. Working in marketing. Dog/Cat/Lizard Mom. 

Start this blog.