Patriotic Gear, Notebooks, Phone Cases, Trump Gear, Hoodies, and More.

Magnolia & Pearl

Whether you want loud and proud patriotic gear, a Trump phone case, or a statement hoodie, we have it all. 

Thank-You For Supporting Our Veteran Owned Business

Magnolia & Pearl is a husband and wife team based out Oregon. So many democrats, it’s painful. The husband of this mighty duo served with the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army in OEF and OIF while the wife raised their newborn son.  We now live in Oregon with our two teenage sons.

Our patriotic gear is meant to be bold, trigger liberals, and start conversations. Or, stop conversations. Depends on how you use it. 

We are absolutely appalled at Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and that he left our allies and Americans behind.  Biden should be court marshalled and shot by firing squad when found guilty. WE SAID IT. YOU HEARD US. COME AT US, WE DARE YA. 

Patriotic Gear- Cell Phone Cases

The Psalms Collection

Scripture is a should be a huge part of patriotic gear. We believe scripture is meant to be read in context as much as possible. That’s why, instead of choosing the overused happy bible verses we decided to put entire chapters of Psalms on the cover of our notebooks. 


Jot it down in style

We might sell mostly patriotic gear, but we have some class too. Whether you’re a homeschooling Mom or the CEO, these notepads will keep you organized in style. 

  • Notepads

    Wms&Co. Classic Metallic Edge Desk Pad, Large Copper

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    Wms&Co’s extremely memorable memo pads are edged in a variety of metallic foils. This large desk pad is the perfect desktop accessories for jotting notes, sketching visual ideas, and brainstorming sessions. Edged on three sides in metallic foil, the top edge has a black glue spine. 225 sheets of thick white text paper per pad. Individually shrink-wrapped. 8.7″ x 13″

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  • Planner Desk Pads with Colored Edges

    Wms&Co. Weekly Desk Planner with Gold Edges

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    Jot down all your musings, quick notes, doodles, or reminders on a deliciously classy weekly desk planner. These Wms&Co. weekly planners are sophisticated, minimalistic yet glamorous, and perfect for your home or office. Your weekly desk planner will be edged in metallic gold and fit perfectly right above your keyboard or even your nightstand. Keep track of your week’s plan with simple style, and order your Wms&Co. desk pad planner today. 11.4” x 4”, 74 sheets

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  • Notepads

    Wms&Co. Mini Notebook Set -Rose Gold Edged

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    Perfectly sized, these mini notebooks are ideal for slipping into a purse or large pocket when you need to jot something down. Their design is understated but polished enough to pull out in meetings. Sets of two, with 64 pages of 140 gsm thick ivory paper each, perforated for easy removal, are tied together with black braided cord. Packaged in a clear cello sleeve. Size: 3.75” x 5.5”.

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  • Notepads

    Wms&Co. Blush + Greige with Gilded Edge Notepad

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    Take a note. Make a list. Sketch it out. Putting pen (or pencil) to paper creates an immediate, uninterrupted flow that technology can’t short-circuit.  These beautiful notepads are made of heavyweight uncoated stock that’s color-slicked on every page and edged in gold foil. They are bound with walnut brown glue for a lush yet understated presentation. Small Square: 4.375” x 4.375” 185 pages each.

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