Explore Life With Me.

Life is beautiful and hard. Here’s what I have learned along the way. My story of living through 7 marriages (between parents) as a child, abuse, multiple religions in one home, and still loving every second of life.


I probably experienced more at 14 than most do in their entire life. And being highly sensitive and empathetic- I felt it all and knew from a young age the damage it was doing. But life was still beautiful and had joy in it- which was wild to juggle with the realities of my life.

I’m 41 now – happily married with two kids, and finally feel like there is space for me to speak, reflect, and offer what little I can to anyone else. I do not think I have it all figured out, I’m very much still learning. But we can learn together.

mormon missioanries

When The Mormon Missionaries Come Knocking, Part 1

This last week I was up at my parent’s place on a work trip. My parents live a couple of hours north of me, about …

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mormon brother

What I Wish I Could Say To My Mormon Brother

28 years. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve talked about it. Not that we’ve ever really talked about it at all, but that’s how …

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