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I don’t have it all figured out and don’t pretend to. But I have experienced some unique (and not so unique) things I like to write about. 

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God truth

How Does God Confirm Truth to Us?

I’ve been in conversation with a Mormon missionary lately. Our first meeting, at the front door of my parents’ home, wasn’t the best. I was visiting my parents while traveling for work and happened to be the only one home when the missionaries stopped by. In our recent interaction through email, this missionary admitted he

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mormon missionary

When Mormon Missionaries Come Knocking: Part 3

If you are just now tuning in, you might want to recap Part 1 and Part 2 First. This is my response to the email an Mormon missionary sent back to me with questions I had etc. I hope this helps you if a Mormon missionary ever knocks on your door, or I guess if

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God Spoke dream

God Spoke In a Dream

I had a dream last night where God spoke to me. This has happened a few times in my life and each time, the dream ended up happening in real life. And each dream, I was sure it was from God and would tell people, and of course get lots of eye rolls. But so

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When Mormon Missionaries Come Knocking, Part 2

Recently, two Mormon missionaries came to my parent’s house while I was in town visiting. We couldn’t finish our heated discussion at the door, so we decided to continue the conversation over email. Here’s what I sent to them: My Email to Mormon Missionaries One of the things your partner said to me (or asked)

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mormon missioanries

When The Mormon Missionaries Come Knocking, Part 1

This last week I was up at my parent’s place on a work trip. My parents live a couple of hours north of me, about 20 minutes from the office where I work (remotely mostly). Now and then, I’ll head up and visit the office and my parents. Something happened on this visit that I

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mormon brother

What I Wish I Could Say To My Mormon Brother

28 years. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve talked about it. Not that we’ve ever really talked about it at all, but that’s how long it’s been in general. Since it happened. Since you made the choice that would put your life on a different trajectory, away from our family. 28 years since, by

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As a child, I experienced 7 marriages between my parents. My main home had an Atheist, Southern Baptist, and Mormon under one roof. There was abuse by step-siblings. Loss. Grief. Joy. Laughter. And deep sadness. I married my high-school sweetheart, we have two wonderful sons, and by golly we’re happy going on 16 years. This blog is a collection of reflections, thoughts, hurts, joys, and questions about life. 

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